Dance Lesson Perth, Western Australia

Dance lessons are growing in popularity, thanks in part to TV shows showing competing dancers. In reality most people don't have the physical ability or physique to get to that level . Any one can take a few dance lessons though whether they want to prepare for a wedding or prom.

Dance classes are a great way to make new friends and get out an about it. Whether you want to learn to dance ballroom latin or salsa there is a class to be found in Perth.

Dance lessons occur right across greater Perth, everywhere from suburban sports clubs to Northbridge pubs and central city clubs. You might want to check out a few to find out which ones are most comfortable for you. You can find classes from Manduarah to Midlands. Check out a few which are conveniently located to home or your work. Dance classes are either pay as you go or charged for on a term by term basis. Most studios will run social nights as well - a great way to meet new people too. Check out the average age too: dancers range in age from 5 to 85! It truely is a lifetime sport!

Some types of dance will suit different ages and stages. Some are more a singles scene while others are more suitable for those with partners. Whether you want to learn break dance or practice your New Vogue there is something to be found in Perth