Dance Classes, Perth

Dance classes are held in all sorts of venues. Dance classes can vary from afternoon New Vogue dance classes followed by tea affairs in the local church hall, to late-night Ceroc classes at a funky downtown club or pub. To find the right dance class for you you really need to hunt around for something that is located in the right area and works for you.

Look for a class which allows you to have a free first dance class: to try before you buy. Check out if the studio has social nights or practice nights: go along to one of those to see if feel comfortable and at ease. A word of warning though: at the more "serious" studios you will often find people more focussed on their dancing than being sociable - its nothing personal its just that dancing can become a very big time and money consuming passion - you have been warned

Also another trick is to remember that a lot of dance classes are based on school terms: so find a calendar and find out when the next school term starts: keep an eye out a week or 2 before and you will see dance classes advertised in your local Community Newspaper or even the notice board at the local pub or library.